St. Ronan’s College will nurture a love of learning by recognising and developing the talents of all, in a community where everyone is encouraged and supported to be their best.”.

Welcome to St Ronan’s College website.

St Ronan’s College, opened in September 2015, is an all ability Grammar school, committed to providing all young people in this community with an excellent educational experience. Our College Motto is “Pro Omnibus Excellentia” - Excellence for All. Our College aim is striving for excellence in all things and in cultivating a spirit of service to one another and to all.

Our aim is to nurture and develop every pupil in our care, ensuring a lifelong passion for learning. We do this through a supportive and caring pastoral system and a broad and challenging curriculum. Our pupils have, through curriculum and pastoral provision, opportunities to explore many new experiences, making them more aware of their strengths, preparing them for the world of work by making informed judgements and equipping them with the skills to become lifelong, independent learners.

Our staff are supported to embrace the challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century in providing a diverse, skills based curriculum while ensuring that we bear witness to the core values of our faith as a Catholic school which enriches our College ethos and underpins all of our work.

The Governors, Staff, Parents and all Partners of the College work together to ensure that St Ronan's is a place of opportunity with high expectations of every member of the school community, where every young person is valued and respected. The culture is one of tolerance, understanding, support and challenge where pupils of diverse backgrounds and abilities are recognised and welcomed and encouraged to develop their gifts and reach their potential.

We strive to ensure that each student appreciates their dignity and respects others. Central to this is a Catholic school culture that manifests itself in positive relationships, consistency of approach, high quality and effective learning and teaching with strong collaborative relationships based on mutual respect.

Curriculum provision in the College promotes equality of opportunity and diversity and we endeavour to provide a range of pathways which last for seven years because increasingly, our pupils want to remain with us through to the end of their formal schooling and we want to keep them.

As our students’ experience is our most important focus, student voice is integral to the development of our College. We also recognise the importance of providing our young people with leadership opportunities. We actively promote the pupil voice in all aspects of College life, with a student representative on the Board of Governors, Student Leadership Teams on each site and student focus groups who regularly review and evaluate all aspects of College life.

St Ronan's College is a place of learning and achievement that celebrates and challenges, that co-operates and collaborates at all levels. The College is a happy and safe place where we honour the routines of our lives - the seasons, the liturgical year and special moments and we support one another in difficult times. Everyone is encouraged to grow - pupils, staff and governors. The College is child and person centred; is for everyone and includes everyone. St Ronan's reaches out beyond the College walls to our community and beyond in a spirit of concern, kindness, empathy and justice.

Our College is currently split over two sites: KS3 on our Waring Street site and KS4 & 5 on our Francis Street site. We have an enrolment of 1640 pupils and a staff complement of almost 200. We look forward to the completion of our capital build project. With an investment of over £30m, our new College building on the Cornakinnegar Road should be completed by 2023.

I really hope you enjoy visiting the different pages of our website, and interacting with our rich media content. This website offers only a snapshot into a school that has many dimensions, offers so much during and after school to our pupils and is a dynamic learning community.

Fiona Kane




St Ronan’s College
Francis Street, 
BT66 6DL

Telephone: 028 38 323 192




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