Religion Department


  • Miss Lorna Murtagh (HOD)

  • Mrs Catherine Farley

  • Miss Ciara Donnelly

  • Miss Una Walsh

  • Mrs Theresa Brown



The Religion department provides a rich and stimulating learning experience for all pupils.  The KST 3 Curriculum takes into account the different learning styles of our pupils, a variety of pedagogies and methods of assessment are implemented in our classrooms. Opportunities are also provided for pupils to improve their thinking skills and develop their personal capabilities. Our pupils are provided with many opportunities to develop their moral compass, prayer life and relationship with God modelling our departmental vision:

 “To plant the seed of faith in every child and nurture its development through prayer and learning”


We currently offer 2 pathways at KS4 which include: 

  • GCSE Religious Studies (CCEA: Mark’s Gospel & Christian Ethics)

  • Certificate in Religious Studies Level 2 OCN


Students studying an OCN in Religious Studies complete nine topics which are externally moderated and assessed. Once completed students receive a Level 2 (B equivalent). There is no exam requirement. Students complete the following units:

  • Marriage and Divorce

  • Matters of life and Death

  • Exploring Religious Traditions

  • Prejudice and Reconciliation

  • World Faith

  • Addiction

  • Charity and Religious Charity

  • Exploring Personal Identity

  • Life of a Famous Person of Faith



Students study two units at AS and two at A2 from the CCEA Specification:

  • AS Unit 1: Luke’s Gospel

  • AS Unit 7: Medical Ethics

  • A2 Unit 1:Synoptic Gospels

  • A2 Unit 7: Global Ethics



The Religion Department contributes extensively to the school’s extra-curricular provision. Extra-curricular activities include:

  • Pope John Paul II Award

  • Whole School Masses

  • Garden of Remembrance Services

  • Weekly Lenten Mass

  • Carol Service and Passion service

  • Year 8 Sacrament of Reconciliation

  • Charitable and fundraising activities

  • Year Group Retreats



St Ronan’s College
Francis Street, 
BT66 6DL

Telephone: 028 38 323 192




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