• Mr Glenn Wilkinson (HOD)

  • Ms. N. McDaid 


COURSE DESCRIPTION -  Are you  the type of person who watches films, streams videos or listens  to radio programmes and wonders how that was produced? If you answered yes to this question, then Moving Image Arts, at St. Ronan’s College, is definitely for you. 



We currently offer 1 pathway at KS4: 

  • Moving Image Arts (CCEA)


GCSE Moving Image Arts is the first course of its  kind. You will have the opportunity  to work on a range of tasks, including planning and creating short films or animations. This linear course provides a solid foundation for progression to GCE AS/A2 Moving Image Arts and other  subject-related qualifications.   


At Post 16 we offer 1 pathway: 

  • A Level Moving Image Arts (CCEA)


Moving Image Arts (MIA) offers students a unique opportunity to develop and refine their skills as film-makers. It enables students to broaden their experience of audio-visual culture to inform, inspire and   launch their own creative ideas. To put it quite simply, each student has the opportunity to learn what it takes to become a creative film-maker through studying several genres of films, producing a media product and creatively editing your masterpiece. 


  • Media/Journalism/

  • Animation Degree 

  • Media planner, 

  • Multimedia specialist,  

  • Public relations, 

  • Broadcasting/film/video,  

  • Television/film/video,  

  • Producer, 

  • Graphic artist 

  • Freelancer 


STUDENT TESTIMONIAL - The Moving Image Arts A-Level is a very unique and exciting course that lets you learn new film concepts everyday and apply them practically…


EXPERIENCES (e.g. trips, projects, etc.): 

Projects, individual research, filming events in school or working with clients, visits and media related activities.

If student work is very good, could be entered into MIA end of year competition. 


Any questions contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



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