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Psychology is the study of people: how they think, how they act and how they interact.


Psychology is described as “the scientific study of behaviour”. There are a range of areas to which Psychology is relevant, for example, the world of business, sport, education, social work, youth work, criminology and teaching. Psychology can also take you onto careers as a Psychologist such as Clinical, Educational, Criminal or Sports Psychologist. It is an excellent subject to study at A Level as an introduction to almost any degree you can possibly think of.

Psychology is particularly well linked to subjects such as Health and Social Care, Sociology, English, Religious Studies and Biology.



At Post 16, students follow the AQA Specification for A Level Psychology.  

A Level Psychology is a linear qualification. Linear means that students will sit all the AS exams at the end of their AS course and all the A Level exams at the end of their A Level course. Assessment methods include multiple choice, short answer and extended writing. At AS, there are two exams in May (1 hour 30 minutes each) and at A2, there are three exams in June (2 hours each).


AS Psychology (Year 1)




AS Paper 1

Introductory Topics in Psychology

Social Influence; Memory; Attachment

1 ½ hour examination in May of Year 13

50% AS Level

AS Paper 2

Psychology in Context: Approaches to Psychology; Psychopathology; Research Methods

1 ½ hour examination in May of Year 13

50% AS Level


A2 Psychology (Year 2)




A2 Paper 1

Introductory Topics in Psychology:

Social Influence; Memory

Attachment; Psychopathology

2 hour examination in May/June of Year 14

33.3% A Level

A2 Paper 2

Psychology in Context:

Approaches to Psychology; 

Biopsychology; Research Methods

2 hour examination in May/June of Year 14

33.3% A Level

A2 Paper 3

Issues and Options in Psychology:

Issues and Debates in Psychology; Three topics from options such as Relationships, Schizophrenia, Aggression, Addiction and Stress.  

2 hour examination in May/June of Year 14

33.3% A Level



A Level Psychology includes a minimum of 10% Maths Skills and 25% of the questions will include Research Methods.


Entry Requirements 

There is no need to have studied Psychology at GCSE in order to do well at A Level as all introductory aspects are covered. However, it is required that you have GCSE English Language at at least Grade B, GCSE Maths at at least Grade B and GCSE Triple Science B+ or GCSE Additional Science B+.


Skills Development 

Students will have the opportunity to develop a wide-ranging set of key skills, including; being able to communicate effectively using appropriate language, being able to interpret and critically assess scientific data and psychological studies and being able to conduct independent research. The specification also encourages the development of strong literacy and numeracy skills. The acquisition of such a diverse range of skills will be of great benefit to students in further education, in the workplace and society in general.


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