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The Art Department in St. Ronan’s College aims to ignite a creative flame in a safe, inspirational and inclusively stimulating environment. Supporting the expressive flame with motivation to ensure each pupil enjoys the challenge of realizing their true potential.

The Art Department vision is to ensure:

  • Confident, creative, informed creative growth, unlocking the full potential of all pupils.
  • A caring, inspiring, safe, inclusive, creatively stimulating imaginative environment with mutual respect.
  • Enjoyable experience for pupils and staff.
  • All pupils & staff are challenged.
  • Awareness, understanding and appreciation of historical & contemporary Arts in our environment.
  • High quality teaching & learning.
  • Cross-curricular projects with interdisciplinary creativity and self-expression.
  • Raising the profile of Art & Design throughout the College and local community.
  • Preparing pupils with transferable skills, with solid foundations including new technologies. Enabling pupils to make confident and informed decisions to pursue their chosen career path.
  • Empower pupils with creative problem solving skills, with self-improvement to achieve their goals through a highly rewarding programme of study at all levels.
  • Reviewing and refining with continuous improvement to sustain and build the vision.

samples pupil work

KS3 Curriculum

Each year group of pupils work on a set theme to explore the formal elements of Art & Design; Line, Tone, Colour, Texture, Pattern, Shape/Form, Relief, 3Dimensional work. 

These elements are explored through a wide range of materials, media and processes;

Drawing & Graphic media, Semi-rigid materials, Ceramics, ICT Development, Printing, Textiles, Historical & Contextual References.

GCSE Curriculum

(2 yr course)               

Two Units of Work    - 

Unit 1 - Core Portfolio (Coursework)

Unit 2 - Working to a Stimulus (Exam Unit) Completing an outcome in a set time of 10hrs

Final Outcomes for Coursework and ESA can be 2d or 3d and either Fine Art or Design

AS Art and Design Curriculum (1 Year Course)

Two Units of Work

Unit 1 - Coursework Portfolio

Unit 2 - Externally Set Assignment (Exam Unit)

Final Outcomes for Coursework and ESA can be 2d or 3d and either Fine Art or Design

A2 Art and Design Curriculum (2 Year Course)

Two Units of Work

Unit 1 - Personal Investigation (including 2000 word Written Element)

Unit 2 - Externally Set Assignment (Exam Unit)

Final Outcomes for Coursework and ESA can be 2d or 3d and either Fine Art or Design

Art and Design Competitions

Art & Design pupils are encouraged to get involved in various competitions including;

  • Junk Kouture Recycled Fashion Competition,
  • Texaco Children’s  Art Award’ hosted by the Ulster Museum,
  • Credit Union Art Competition,
  • Young Arts Competition – No Borders No Fences, Just Friends are just a few that we have been successful in.

Historical and Contextual Referencing

Pupils refer to a wide range of Artists, Designers and Craft-workers from Contemporary and Historical areas looking at both 2dimensional and 3dimensional works and Fine Art & Design Outcomes to help develop their own work.

Extra-Curricular Provision and Art & Design Trips

Extra curricular provision helps to broaden and extend pupils’ Art and Design experiences and knowledge within the wider community and society. Opportunities for pupils to experience Art works first hand and to see the work of their peers. Key Stage three classes are taken outside in the local environment to do first hand studies eg. Nature and local architecture frequently, weather permitting. GCSE, AS & A2 classes are taken to the annual ‘True Colours’ Exhibition in the Ulster Museum to view peers work in N.Ireland. This is a valuable experience and stimulates pupils and assists them in developing their own work.

Trips to Museums and Galleries to view exhibitions and take part in workshops with an Artist in Residence.

  • ‘Open Day at University of Ulster in Belfast’ for A/S and A/2 pupils
  • Many other trips which vary according to coursework requirements
  • Independent study provision for pupils to use Art Department during free timetabled time and after school.

Art and Design Workshops

All exam class take part in a workshop with a visiting artist each year.

local ceramics

Art and Design Equipment Requirements

All year 8 pupils are asked to buy a wallet with all the appropriate materials needed in Art & Design.  This wallet is then maintained, added to, and carried though progression in Art & Design.  Pupil’s names are on the wallet and on each item inside the equipment wallet.  If items run out or are lost they can be replenished in the Art Department.

(See the price list displayed in the classroom)

art equipment 1

Each Year Group/Level is Colour Coded and has a visual icon 

Ref Colour Wheel :     KS3 – Primary Colours         KS4, AS & A2 – Secondary Colours

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