St Ronan's College hosted several Primary Schools from the local area to give their pupils a "taste" of what the College has to offer within each subject area.  The P7 pupils also had the opportunity to meet some of our current students and gain a sense of welcomeness, which is a major part of the College ethos.  Below we have documented the brilliant events in the form of photos and the great comments we received from our visitors.  

taster day

Day 1 - Tannaghmore PS, St Teresa's PS & St John's PS Gilford

day 1

Pupil Comments: 

Tannaghmore PS Lurgan:
"I loved trying everything and my favourite was the teachers"
"It's amazing" 
"I loved Technology and Design"
"My favourite was the baking"

St Teresa's PS Lurgan:
"I had an awesome day, I liked music the best" 
"It was great, I can't wait to come here next year!"
"I really enjoyed today because there was lots of different activities"

St John's PS Gilford:
"I think that St Ronan's College is really good, I really liked Technology and Maths"
"I had so much fun today" 
"I loved all of the activities"

Day 2 - St Patrick's Aghacommon, St Mary's Derrytrasna, Lurgan Model, St Patrick's Magheralin, St Mary's Derrymore, St Patrick's Aghagallon

day 2

Pupil Comments: 

St Patrick’s Magheralin

"I loved it here and may seriously consider going here! It feels very homely and very fun."

"I really enjoyed the day. My favourite part was the snowman key rings that we built. Hopefully I will be coming her next year"

"It was all fun but the Art was the best."

"I really enjoyed the activities today and they have given me an idea of the school. My favourite part was Technology."

St Mary’s Derrytrasna

"It was class, I loved it. I didn’t want to go home! Thanks!"

"Today I had fun and am definitely coming back."

"I had a great time here today. My favourite thing today was the Music."

"Amazing topics, loved Music."

"It was fun today but my favourite was Music."

"It was all fun today and I enjoyed all of the subjects, thank you."

"It was really fun I enjoyed learning French and Irish and other things."

"Today I had a great time and will definitely be coming back, thank you."

"My favourite subject was Maths and I loved it all and had fun."

"Today was very good I wish we could stay and do Home Economics. Thank you for the day it was brilliant."

St Patrick’s Aghagallon

"I really enjoyed coming here today I would definitely come to St Ronans. My favourite part was Home Economics."

"I think it was really good my favourite thing was the Maths."

"I learnt a lot and had great day."

"I think St Ronan’s was fun and you learned a lot. I would like to go to St Ronan’s."

Lurgan Model

"I enjoyed the day. Next year I want to come here this is a great school. I loved my day today. Thank you St Ronan’s."

"It was an excellent day and I had so much fun."

"Today my favourite experience was Maths, making the marshmallow towers."

"I could describe only with these words, brilliant, amazing or breath taking."

"I liked doing Drama and the Maths. I enjoyed myself"

"I was excited when I heard that we were coming and I’m glad that I came. I hope to come to this school in the future."

"This was exciting and fun. Loved the green screen and I wish to come here in the future."

St Mary’s Derrymore

"It was very fun and can’t wait to be at St Ronan’s. Thank you."

"I loved it! Science was amazing and so was Maths and ICT. Can’t wait to start. Thank you for having us."

"Fantastic, fun and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious."

"I wish I could stay and I loved Science. I loved all staff."

"Today in St Ronan’s was very fun, my favourite bit was the start when we did Music."

"I loved it I did not want to leave. Thank you so much to the staff. Can’t wait to I start."

"I found it very good, I loved all the subjects. I will be going to this school."

"I was blown away by the things I saw today. The dinner was delicious. This is a 5 star school"

Day 3 - St Francis PS

day 3

Pupil Comments: 

"I really enjoyed today it was really fun and I can’t wait to come here."

"I loved everything it was unreal."

"I loved making new friends during all the activities especially Drama."

"Today was fun. I had such a nice day. My favourite was Technology & Design.

"My day was fun, enjoyable and sticky. We did Pizza, History & Maths."

"I had an exciting day."

"Today was super fun and I enjoyed it

"It was a day filled with excitement."

"Dinner was lovely & Science was unreal, loved everything."

"I loved today, it was amazing. The food was really nice."

"I learned how to speak Spanish & French it was great fun."

"My experience today was good it was great fun. I will consider coming here."

"I had a good time today in St Ronan’s. My favourite subject was Technology, designing a snowman."

"Brilliant, amazing experience."

"I loved my experience today, I am definitely coming her for secondary school. I think I will love it. The teachers were lovely and the food was delicious."

"My experience was very good. I will hopefully come here next year."

"I loved learning Spanish & Irish. I also like the food – it was delicious. And I loved doing the green screen."

"It was an exciting experience and an eye opener."

"I loved today it was fun. I made a fish called bubbles in Art. It was So fun."



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